The Rainbow Wizard Story

     The Rainbow Wizard Press publishing company was formed in 2016 for the purpose of bringing to parents and children a delightful children's musical adventure storybook, The Musical Rainbow Story.

     The story is read to the child, while the child looks at the color illustrations that describe the action in the story.
     After the story is read to the child, the reader and the child together may then engage in the playing of the Happy Birthday song.

     This initial musical hands-on experience for the child is supported by a video demonstration of how to perform the Happy Birthday song successfully.
(Click here for the Video Demo).

     If you don't have a keyboard, you can use and play the song with a mouse, or tap on the screen of a smartphone, or use keyboard hotkeys on a desktop or laptop computer ("hotkeys" are keys that are made "active" to perform a function other than simple typing).

     Only the most basic elements of a musical melody (music melody notes on the music staff) are included to make it as easy as possible to understand how to play the song.

     Readers with musical knowledge will see that there is no time signature and no key signature on the colored music staff with the colored notes. This was done to make it as easy as possible to simply match the letter names below the music notes, with the letter names on the keys of the piano keyboard pictured beneath the song.

     Additional songs are planned for the future, to bring your child 24 more songs to play and enjoy having fun with in a fresh format.

     When you contact us via email, your email address will be kept absolutely and strictly private by Rainbow Wizard Press, and will never be sold, shared, or used in any other manner except to reply to your questions and keep you updated when our next book or musical product is ready to be released.

Email us:

     Click here to download and print a copy of our "Starring" characters page in black and white for your child to color in Peter, Suzy, Pinky Rabbit, Golden Bear, Billy Bluebird, and the Rainbow Wizard.

     Jesse was a uniquely harmonious songwriter from the South. His most well-known songs are: "Mississippi You're On My Mind," "The Brand-New Tennessee Waltz," "Yankee Lady," and "Eulalie" (live). You may enjoy a listen to the original versions of his songs on YouTube. There is also a video of one of his final performances, with Elvis Costello and Bonnie Raitt. For lyrics to his songs, go to "" and click "Lyrics."

     Donald Abrams, BS, Music Therapy, S.U.N.Y. New Paltz (1980) has authored a children's book for those who wish to use music as a bonding point with a child, and for the inner child in all of us that always wanted a chance to try to play the piano. You will be as successful as Peter when you read the book and find out the solution to playing the Happy Birthday song!
     Donald is a musician who plays piano, guitar, drums and who composes in multiple styles of music form.
     Since 1976, he has utilized a musical color coding concept, conducting research and development to aid children in learning and enjoying playing musical melodies on piano and keyboard.      Based in Southern California, Mr. Abrams is currently working on creating a new format to teach more children's melodies, which will use the Rainbow Wizard character as the friendly guide for suggestions and tips.
     His composition, "William & Daisy's Love Song" 2012 Donald Abrams, SWAY BREEZE MUSIC (ASCAP) is a tribute song about two favorite Downton Abbey characters. Mr. Abrams wrote the music and lyrics, and it can be heard on YouTube, with him playing piano, as a member of the Violet Rose Band.
Or search for William & Daisy's Love Song, on YouTube.
When you view it on YouTube, just click on 'show more' underneath the video to follow along with the song lyrics.

     In memory of the author's following musical inspirations:
     Jesse Winchester, Johnnie Johnson, Larry Knechtel, Ray Colcord, Frederic Chopin
     Their work may be viewed and/or listened to on YouTube videos under their names.

     Rainbow Wizard Press wishes to express gratitude to the contributed talents of computer graphics artist J.P. Van Gordon, and story text editor Carol Sperling, whose combined efforts, support, and skills made it possible to achieve the publication of this book.

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